Real estate high-top tent activity (hy055g)

Product Description:High peaked marquee tent event for Real estate1. Application2. SpecificationSpan WidthEave heightBay DistanceMain Profile SizeWind loading3m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm / 120x48x3.0mm80KM/H4m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm80KM/H6m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm / 120x48x3.0mm80KM/H8m2.5m / 3.0m

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Product Description:
High peaked marquee tent event for Real estate

1. Application

High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)
High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)

2. Specification
High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)
Span WidthEave heightBay DistanceMain Profile SizeWind loading
3m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm / 120x48x3.0mm80KM/H
4m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm80KM/H
6m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm / 120x48x3.0mm80KM/H
8m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm80KM/H
9m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm / 120x48x3.0mm80KM/H
10m2.5m / 3.0m3m84x48x3mm / 100x48x3mm80KM/H
10m3.0m / 3.4m / 4.0m5m130x70x3mm / 150x120x3mm102KM/H
12m3.0m / 3.4m / 4.0m5m130x70x3mm / 150x120x3mm102KM/H
15m3.4m / 4.0m5m150x120x3mm102KM/H
20m3.4m / 4.0m / 5.4m5m200x120x4mm102KM/H
25m3.4m / 4.0m5m200x120x4mm102KM/H
30m3.4m / 4.0m / 5.4m5m250x120x5mm / 300x120x5mm102KM/H
* Different Eave heights, or other Customized Requirements available with Strong Design Ability in China and Germany
3. Material Property
Aluminum Profile: High strength Aviation Aluminum alloy 6082 T6 whose use life can be more than 20 years if maintains well.
Surface anodized oxidation film thickness of 11μm-17μm;
Hardness reaches more than 14.5HW after oxidation;
Tensile strength no less than 310 MPA;
Yield strength no less than 225 MPA.
PVC Fabric Covers: High quality Double PVC-coated polyester textile whose use life can be 5 to 10 years if maintains well. 
Corrosion and Ageing resistance
Tensile strength 2173-3189 N / 5cm;
Tear strength 412-483 N;
Peal strength 113-118 N / 5cm.
Steel Parts: Hot-dip galvanized steel parts whose life span is more than 20 years if maintains well.
Q345A and Q235A steel;
GB5117-87 Carbon steel covered;
CO2 gas shielded welding GB8100-87H08Mn2Si.

4. Optional Accessories
High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)
Access&Roof optionsWall OptionsAncillaries
Single Glass doorGlass WallEnterance Ramp
Double Glass DoorABS WallVertical Strut
Roof Canvas TransparentSandwich board panelInternal Decorative Linings
Roof Canvas OpaqueTransparent PVC WindowCassette Floor
Rafter cover FlapTransparent PVC wallPremium wooden floor
Bar Tensioned RoofPanoramic Glass WallHeavy Duty Floor
Balcony RailingHorizontal Glass WallExhibition Floor
Premium CarpetTransporation Racks for all ComponentsRain gutter
Internal/External StaircaseArc Canopy 
5. FAQ
Q: Can you print logos on tent?
  • Yes. Customized logos can be printed on the PVC fabric according to requirements.
Q: Is that factory price?
  • Yes. We assure you all prices are based on factory.
Q: Does the tent be able to use repeatedly?
  • Our tents can be installed and dismantled repeatedly with small transportation size and low rebuild cost.
  • The lifespan of aluminium framework can reach more than 20 years, PVC fabrics 7-10 years and steel
    parts also reach more than 20 years if in good conditions.
Q: What documents are available?
  • One-stop service provided includes documents. 
  • Full range documents: Structural Drawings, Packing List, Installation Guide and Product Certificates
    can be provided.
  • Customs Declaration is also provided.
Q: What is the necessary tent size for the special event?
  • First determine the number of guests will be invited.
  • Second determine the type of activity will be held: dancing, sit down meal or buffet service.
  • Third determine the type of table will be used: round or long banquet table?
  • Fourth determine the location for the event.
Q: Is the tent product been certified? 
  • Aluminum has passed SGS certification of Tensile Strength and Yield Strength.
  • PVC has passed SGS certification of Fire retardant, UV resistance, Anti mould and anti stain.
  • Keder has passed REACH certification of European Community Regulation on chemicals and
    their safe use (EC 1907/2006).
  • Hot dip galvanised steel parts follows DIN EN ISO 1461 standard.
Q: Is your tent strong and stable enough? How about the wind loading?
  • Yes. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured with high impact
    extruded anodized aluminum (6082/T6)
  • Our tent structure is safe and strong to resist wind up to 102 km/hr.
Q: How long is the warranty period?
  • Guarantee one year. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace the damaged part
    accordingly because of any damage due to quality problem
6. Service Flow
High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)
7. Projects show and Contact information
High Peaked Marquee Tent Event for Real Estate (hy055g)


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